Workout Tips 6-10

6. Consistency will work better with your body than sporadic workouts. Your body is a machine and as such, responds to your activity (or the lack thereof). Doctors recommend maintaining a good level of consistency with your exercise for the best results possible.

7. Mixing things up will keep you interested. Throw in a little aerobics, interval training and perhaps jogging (or your activity of choice) and your routine isn’t going to become boring so quickly. So long as you keep your workout activities consistent with your fitness goals, you can change things up as you wish.

8. Choosing exercises you enjoy makes life easier. When you have a diet and workout routine to stick to, you want to make it as enjoyable as humanly possible, so you’re more enthusiastic about it. Opt for exercises that you actually like whenever you can.

9. Using your internal chronometer as a guide helps you succeed. Some people have more energy in the afternoon, while others are bursting at the seems in the morning. Whatever your time for optimum energy, take advantage of it!

10. Having patience is a virtue. While it would be awesome if there were some magic wand you could wave that would expedite the process of meeting your goals, there isn’t. You need to be patient, plugging along without fail until you have morphed into the body you belong in.